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Artificial Intelligence
Our iRadar Result Manager (iRM) tool tags, tracks and traces the outcomes of your goals and objectives seamlessly for new insights and predictive analysis.
Measuring impact and outcome using data analytics
iRM is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that allows clients to turn their data into evidence. Clients can create their own reports, visualization and dashboards from a variety of sources and data-sets like commodity prices, revenue generation, budget expenditures, poverty indices and development project data.

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Using artificial intelligence to collate, read and interpret millions of reports in minutes



Monitoring results is an essential item in good governance, but it is a prerequisite for NFP to stay in business. Unlike the private sector, however, these sectors don’t define their success strictly by the measure of their profits or losses. They are mission-based and cannot rely on profits or losses as an indication of how they are performing.

Therefore, performance management is much more than a dashboard of Key Performing Indicators (KPIs). The iRM captures the difference in multiple result-based inputs, activities, immediate outcomes, intermediate outcomes and impacts – it gives a critical health check of all levels of result-based management.

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Tag, Track and Trace the results of your hard work

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Evidenced Based Policy Visualization

iRBM creates some of the strongest decision-making visualization cases from small or large public-sector data to reveal patterns and trends at sector, program and country levels. The BI and block chain visualization power of iRBM allows complicated evidenced based policy issues to be simplified and displayed in easy formats to enable policy makers to read and apply in real life issues.

Multiple Data Views

Create a combination of different data views into a single dashboard or illustration to decode data visualizations for valuable insight and adaptive resource distribution patterns.

Automatic Data Updates

Make live connections to a live data sources or schedule automatic updates so your analysis reflects the most current and up to date insights as data trickles in.

Your Metrics

Choose how you view your data. From standard data visualizations like bullet charts, and scatter plots to more creative, customized graphs visuals.

Our Formulas

Go deeper with your data. We use unique algorithms and formula’s to bring out the beauty of your data so you can solve challenging problems.



Go above and beyond with our data by activating our visual sharing options. Empower your team when you share information and watch your organization grow.

How It Works

iRM uses business intelligence (BI) to allow clients to turn data into BI evidences.

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Reads and interprets millions of reports in minutes whether on cloud or on premise
Interprets data in short and long-term logic outcomes with emphasis on impacts
iradar_analytics connection
Ingest and analyse qualitative and quantitative data simultaneously
WHAT MAKES US different
  • Display data on a map by selecting geographic fields with GIS functions+
  • Delivers its analysis in a matter of seconds when compared to other products.
  • Compile data from wherever it’s currently stored
  • Flexible, scalable and customizable for specific result chain
  • Drill down to find meaningful, useful insights
  • Extract data from multiple real time data sources (including national and international catalogues, glossaries)
  • Enables sharing and collaboration with different stakeholders
  • Give 5 unique logical result-based analysis
  • Perform drag-and-drop database queries
  • Create slick data presentations to drive all sorts of decisions
‘ Our result manager tags, tracks and traces logic model outcomes.’
Data Connection
Links to data collection tools

Our analytics platform gives you the power to combine data collection tools and multiple data sources into a single platform. Through these connections, you don’t have to manage each data circle separately.

Impact Measurement
Measures impacts and attrition

Besides the discrete visualization of your KPI, iRM will trace and tag your contributions to a collective outcome at federal, regional and municipality levels. For the first time agencies and development project managers can know how much they are contributing to any collective agenda.

Decision Driven
Policy decision driven

Transition with ease to the most functional and interactive solution for all your data needs. Discover the meaning of true data representation. You won’t believe what you can do for the affordable prices we offer.

descriptive iradar analytics

Generate informed reports and incredible visuals with data for the past with our descriptive analytics.

predictive iradar analytics

Utilize models and visuals based on past data to predict the future of trends, patterns and direction.

prescriptive iradar analytics

Specify optimal behaviors, actions and best practices in your organisation when you utilize our iRM tool.

Happy customers

Improved communication of service delivery on service offerings and business performance are two outcomes among many that clients love about iRM.

…  it gives you direct access to beautifully visualized live data.

Our governance and NGO friends love the level of detail and information they can see through the stunning visuals of our analytics tool. But even more, they love that their data can show them all about their organisation and measure their performance at a glance. Join many others who have used iRM today and change the way you see your data today.

the best tool for optimizing your data.