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iRadar is a next generation leader in big data and cloud integration solutions.
We help businesses grow by making complex and difficult data accessible, easy to see, easy to use and easy to share.
iRadar acts as a GPS in the world of divergent databases

The instinct for organizations to store data in various databases is obvious, but as time goes on staff find it difficult to harness the data and they must move from one database to the other to retrieve information.

Our approach to integration solves the problems of decentralised databases, it corrects time wasting, energy draining and unproductive activities.

Transform your business

Allow iRadar to transform your organisation. Work closely with a team that can analyse, strategize and implement customized solutions to the needs of you organisations. No matter what they are, we’ve got what it takes 


iRadar is positioned to empower Policy Makers to drive decision making with evidence. Here, governments and NGOs are poised to reduce injustices, promote human rights and improve respect for human lives.

Lack of accountability and transparency are the bane to human development and socio-economic progress. We don’t only expose corruption, but we are helping sectors and countries to halt it.

Our goal is to empower health, education, infrastructure and social services capacities so that they produce effective results. Service providers can now rely on iRadar to monitor progress and capture the impacts of policy and humanitarian agenda.

Efficiency and effectiveness in government business is key to democracy and good governance.

 iRadar is helping public sector agencies and departments across the world to conserve limited resources by evidenced based investments, remove duplication and wastage in doing business. With iRadar clients can improve revenue and save up to 57% of clients normal costs.

Our Excellence Promise

 Implement an optimized, centralized approach to manage data integration efforts, across the enterprise, with a focus on people, processes, and technologies. Our iRadar consultants guide you through all our processes and the structure and roles of the team to ensure that you are informed every step of the way. This is the standard of excellence we uphold when interacting with all our people.

our people

Every iRadar consultant is backed by years of experience, and has proven success with strategic and technical planning in a multitude of implementation circumstances. Our reputation for quality of service and reliability has given our clients the confidence to entrust us with their mission critical problems – regardless of scale, or location in Canada. We recognize the importance working together, that is why our engaging team can provide the support you need, offering a unique combination of strong delivery skills with practical public and private sector experience.


iRadar data is excited to work with you and your team to help achieve your goals. Improve your output, optimize your organisation’s strategy and empower your data with solutions customized just for you. Get in touch with us today.

Our mining processes are success driven & designed to optimize your data at whatever stage it is in.
Improve your business, save time and achieve your organizations goals with iRadar’s Automation solution.
Using math and built-in functions, our analytics platform gives you the power to create astonishing visualizations of your data.
Think iRadar ..Think Data