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iRadar in History

iRadar is a product of Ra-ah, a group of companies working in international development, information technology, research and development since 1996. Created in 2012, iRadar is a critical response to Ra-ah’s many years of experience in governance and NGO work in many countries for over 2 decades.

More than 20 Years

Since 2012, iRadar has been working alongside governments at federal, regional and municipality levels to support public sector reform (PSR), institutional reforms and to optimise its roles and responsibilities through big data management.

  • Data Mining
  • Form Creation
  • Data Collection
  • MetaData
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Integration
  • Data Analysis
  • Training

We have a rare but unique experience with Non-for-profit organizations working in difficult contexts. Our long-standing partnership with small, medium and large projects with Oxfam, World Vision, Bill and Melinda Gates and lots more have made us better service provides in this context.

Our experiences have contributed much to the long-standing clientele relationship we currently have with many government development departments and projects financed by the DFID, USAID, GAC, EU, the United Nations and lots more.