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Technology is a significant disruptive element of organizational culture, but our data strategy gets you started at a smooth pace while helping to manage the change in your organization.
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How We Do It

Our data strategy guides you through a comprehensive planning and assessment process, providing you the most cost-effective projections and giving you confidence on the roadmap to achieving your data goals.

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Navigate the future with confidence knowing that your organisation is moving with the best strategy for data accountability and clarity.


The Elicitation step provides a clinical search into the current situation of your data. We deploy professional techniques to establish the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your data system and to design solutions to harness the data.

The exercise also gives us insights into what your resource needs may be.

Validation ensures that the information gotten from the elicitation process accurately represents the needs and expectations of the clients and stakeholders. We consolidate and rationalize your requirements at this stage; and check against overlaps and gaps. Our Result Based Management (RBM) techniques could be used to restructure the entire data system where this becomes necessary.


This step is a pilot test of the model built at the validation level. We pilot test the clients’ requirements to reveal the strength and weaknesses of the data model. Finally, they are checked to make sure that the model and the client’s requirements are ultimately in sync

When the requirements and model are reviewed and formally approved the road map document to the data management is completed.  At this stage we may support the client to obtain certifications or actions on legislative processes and executive approvals for the new data systems.


Our team of experts ask the questions that help us understand your organizations immediate and future goals. We focus on the heart of your needs to provide solutions tailored to fit your requirements. From basic to complete transformations, our team uses industry best practices to ensure you are confidently progressing in the data grid.

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Where are you in the data grid?
Decision Making
Trends come and go.
Data is forever.

Your data strategy is the processes of mapping your data to function and a set of step by step methods of collecting, analyzing and using data to improve decision making.

iRadar strategy is a system and road map to helping you answer the basic and relevant questions about your data management processes. We ask the tough questions that help you think data

No matter the amount of data collected, or its perceived relevance, organizations need to reach a consensus to its potential benefit and therefore take the necessary steps to engage it.

One of the biggest challenges facing most organization today is a disconnection from its initial vision with established practices to date. With iRadar your vision is our priority.


We can nail any data problems at this stage by providing you a data governance map with critical elements including baselines, goals, objectives across data-sets. iRadar strategy intervention establish a data lake with native data quality to process consent and data subject rights. Track and manage data with audit trails and data lineage. Foster accountability with data stewardship workflows.Our network of strategy & operations professionals draw strength from multiple industry experiences to focus solutions on the real issues surrounding data for your business. We’re serious about making a positive impact for you.

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We help you establish a sustainable culture of data collection with reliable data sources.


We specialise in helping clients digitize their information into discrete units of data.


We automate processes, no matter how complicated your operations are; we can turn them into useful data.


Transform your data information into digital data and seamlessly integrate your data into our customized forms

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Interact with our people. Our team of professionals are passionate about what they do.

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iRadars data strategy is designed to solve basic and complex data challenges.
  • Excessive and confusing data
  • Segmented and decentralized data
  • Difficulty accessing simple information
  • Inability to recall data
  • Inadequate links between data
  • Manpower resources shortage for data management at all levels.
  • Paper based, rudimentary and obsolete data management systems
  • Poor data collection culture, analysis and utility