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We organize your data
Simply put, every organization has good and bad data. iRadar deploys unique technique to harvest, sort, code and classify structured, unstructured, and paper based data – leaving you with only what your business needs to succeed.
Data Mining

Our custom mining narrows the range of information to meet the specific needs of your organisation. We eliminate unnecessary information, saving you time so that you get exactly what is important for you.

Data Process

This is where we automate processes. No matter how complicated your operations are; we can turn them into useful data.

Meta Data

When data is huge and inaccessible, metadata helps to create taxonomy to classify and manage it. That is why we help you classify your data, putting your unstructured data to flight.

Organise your data
We are the specialists in text structuring, manual tagging, metadata and speech tagging. This way we make your data authentic, relevant, and referable.

Your Business Goals

iRadar is helping dozens of clients provide structure to unstructured data. Our classification techniques give every dataset in your organization a unique name, a single definition, a unique value set, a relevant set of business rules, a clearly identifiable source, and accountable party designated all making data relevant to business goals.


Your Business Results

We remove the semantic confusion around your data to enable you focus on your business results. Our unique technique, such as text mining or Natural Language Processing (NLP), Result Based and Logic Management Framework will help you find patterns to extract meaning and structure out of your data.

How it works

Whether you are seeking to establish Baselines, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or Critical Data Elements, (CDEs) our well experienced team will work you through.

Using Participatory approaches to engage all stakeholders to define the structure and the meaning of your data
Creating single source of truth (SSOT), remove duplication and ensure effective referencing
Problem Solving

We deal with the hard challenges of paper based and unstructured data.

Getting it Right

Provide a more accurate forecasts that show changes in your business

Concise Solutions

We specialize digitizing information into discrete units of data.

Optimizing your data

Create faster and more efficient data entry when your data is correct.

Supporting Growth

We help you make the right decisions as you grow with your business

Staying Connected

Connect your data with an in-depth analysis of your organisation goals

Mined data and statistics tend to have a lot of overlapping data. This can take time to clean and fix -up. With iRadar`s customized solution, we save you time and money by eliminating your overlapping data.

The strength of your business..

The strength of your business is as good as your ability to know and generate new insights from your records. Our data mining solution opens the doors for informed decision making; pointing you in the right direction.

Planning ahead is ..

Planning ahead is the only way to ensure that your business is progressively moving in the right direction. Our customized data mining option provides you with the proper leverage to do just that.

  • Our data mining tools provide efficient text parsing, analytics, taxonomy and metadata management to classify unstructured data on the fly.
  • We automate your process process, sorting through data sets to identify trends and establish relationships that help to solve problems with your your business. Learn More..

Changes in trends or patterns don’t just happen . There are always indicators which point to a new patterns in data or information trends ahead of time. Using our customized data mining makes it much easier to identify trends in data, allowing you to shift the direction of your organisation in the right direction before the trend is discovered.

  • Predict future trends
  • Facilitate result based-decision making
  • Automate your data solutions
  • Save time, effort and money
  • Identify patterns and relationships in data
  • Eliminate activities that can harm businesses.
  • Seamlessly classify data
  • Increase organisation output
Let us harvest and organize your data